THE 3 R's

In Lurgan Junior High School, we hold the three R's central to all aspects of both educational and personal development:

  • Respect for self and others
  • Responsibility for your belongings, appearance and actions
  • Resilience to cope with challenges and when things don’t go as planned or hoped

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THE 4 C's

In the classroom we have four ‘C’s to promote positive behaviour and engagement in learning:

  • Chance – if a pupil is disrupting the lesson with low level behaviour i.e. turning around and talking when they should be listening, the teacher will say to that pupil that they are being given a chance to change by stopping their behaviour and focusing on their learning.
  • Choice – if the pupil continues with their behaviour the teacher will speak with them again and tell them they now have a choice. They can choose to stop their behaviour and engage in the lesson or continue with the behaviour.
  • Consequence – if the pupil chooses to continue with their behaviour the teacher will speak with them again and tell them they have made their choice which has led to a consequence. This consequence will be appropriate to the level of behaviour. The teacher will explain the consequence to the pupil – i.e. moving seats, extra work, breaktime detention and the pupil will be given a behaviour point.
  • Commendation - if a pupil is showing positive behaviour and attitude, excels in a lesson through excellent work, answering and participation, they will be awarded an Achievment Point for this commendable effort.

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In the corridor we will have the Conduct Card to promote pupils taking pride and responsibility for their behaviour and their appearance.

001.conduct card


Pupils will receive a signing if they are not wearing their uniform correctly:

  • top button done
  • tie showing 3 ‘R’s fully
  • shirt/blouse tucked in
  • black leather shoes (Reminder: black trainers are NOT permitted)
  • no hoodies
  • no make-up / false nails / nail polish
  • no jewellery



In the corridors pupils should:

  • walk quietly on the left hand side
  • use the one way system correctly
  • refrain from shouting, running or making physical contact with another pupil
  • line up quietly in single file, facing forward outside your classroom
  • keep phones switched off and in blazers  

If a pupil is not following the above behaviours a teacher will ask for their card and will sign and date it in the next empty square. Once a pupil has three squares signed, they will be issued with an After School Detention by their Form Teacher.

001.conduct card 2

 Pupils can also earn Achievment Points in the corridor by picking up litter and helping others.




We have a 'no phones' policy in place. Pupils must turn mobile phones off as soon as they enter the school building in the morning and must keep it in their blazer pockets until they leave the school building at the end of the day.

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At each half term and end of term, any pupils who have no behaviour points and no signings on their Conduct Card will be given a reward!

This December, over 300 pupils with no signings enjoyed a Cinema afternoon in the Junior Assembly Hall with Tuck Shop treats!

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