Helping Newcomer Pupils to Learn at Home

Helping Newcomer pupils to learn at home

Leaflet for Parents
Speak your home language
It is part of your child’s culture and identity.
If your child has good language skills in your home language, this helps him / her to learn English.
- Speak in your home language with your child.
- Read and write in your home language with your child.
- Watch some programmes in your home language with your child.
Help your child to learn English
When your child returns to school, he / she can talk with friends and understand in class.
- Listen to the radio and watch TV in English with your child.
- Use the websites and apps below.
Free websites and apps for learning English for older children
You can use these on a computer or your phone.
This website has lots of activities to learn English. You can:
- Practise your skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing
- Practise your grammar
- Practise grammar and vocabulary
For all activities, you can choose a level, beginner, intermediate or advanced.
There is also a website for adults:
Some free apps for phones: