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12th November 2018

8A7 and 8JS met for their third Shared Education workshop. They spent the day developing their ICT skills by creating Imovies to explain what the American troops were told to expect to find when they arrived in NI for D Day training. They also had to explain the experiences that they had once they were here. Some great story telling and drama was on show. We are looking forward to seeing the best bits from the movies mashed together. Thanks to the teachers for their support!

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24th October 2018

The 2nd day of Shared Education for the Drama/English cohort has just finished. The group really enjoyed discussing the issues of conflict in their communities, coming up with definitions for sectarianism (poster designs) and taking part in dramatic readings and discussing scenarios dealing with the themes of conflict and sectarianism in NI. A great day was had by all and we are all looking forward to getting back together again after the Halloween break!

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27th April 2018

9A1 & 9 Rita spent the morning visiting and exploring St Peter’s and Hill St Presbyterian churches. They used their findings to create storyboard iMovie plans explaining the religious beliefs in the two Churches. Thanks to both churches for accommodating the visits!

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18th April 2018

Pupils from 8A5 and 8CT worked together on iPads to create movies explaining the expectations the US troops had of Northern Ireland and their experiences of NI during WW2.

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12th April 2018

Pupils from Lurgan Junior High School and St Ronan’s College joined Glenavon Academy and Lurgan Town players to launch the new performance partnership between Glenavon FC and Leeds United FC along with the player development partnership between Glenavon FC Academy and Lurgan Town FC.

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11th April 2018

Today, the second half of 9A6 and 9JN completed their Minecraft history/ maths/ ICT project based on the original Plantation town of Lurgan. By all accounts it was a fabulous day of online collaboration! All being we will have access to their finished town for you to explore! Thanks to all involved!

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7th April 2018

Congratulations to St Ronan’s College on their all Ireland Hogan Cup win! Well done from Lurgan Junior High School!

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22nd March 2018

9A1 and 9Rita spent today exploring the Troubles along with reconciliation and healing. They finished up planning murals to showcase their learning. The murals will be painted at a later date.

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21st March 2018

The first half of 9A6 and 9John spent today at the AmmA Centre in Armagh where they turned their scale drawings of the original Plantation town of Lurgan into a digital reality through Minecraft software. The second half of the group will complete the town after Easter. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and engagement today!

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16th March 2018

Here's a quick message for our partner school, St Ronan's College, from the pupils, staff and governors of Lurgan Junior High School. Click on the image below to view the video. compress image 4

13th March 2018

9Rita and 9A1 spent this morning exploring the theme human rights with a focus on the lessons that can be learnt from the stories of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

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26th February 2018

Here’s a few snaps from last week’s art project. Year 8 painted their commemorative medals that they designed to remember the US Army that were based in NI and especially Lurgan during WW2.

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21st February 2018

9A6 and 9John spent the day working on their History/Maths/ICT project. The pupils worked in groups to study the Plantation town of Lurgan and the rules of the Plantation before working on scale drawings of the original Plantation town of Lurgan. Eventually the scale drawings will be used to create original town of Lurgan in Minecraft.

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7th February 2018

9A6 had a great day with St Ronan’s at their Shared Education iMovie day! Some fab movies made about their Church Visits last week... thanks to Mr Logan for helping us with the technology.

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2nd February 2018

Today 9A6 and 9John spent the day at the Ulster Folk Museum exploring traditional Irish and English style houses as preparation for their History/Maths Lurgan Plantation town project. Pupils sketched and measured the houses so that they can create scale drawings of Lurgan from the time of the Plantation. Pupils will then use their scale drawings to create Lurgan in Minecraft. It’s all very exiting!

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31st January 2018

9A6 and 9John spent today exploring prejudice and sectarianism as part of their “Divided community and healing” project.

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31st January 2018

Today 8B2 and 8GM spent the morning studying historical sources related to the history of Ireland. They were trying to understand why during WW2 that American soldiers were told to expect bad relations between the two communities in NI. The pupils left with a better understanding of Irish history from each other’s perspective and ultimately greater respect for each other.

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30th January 2018

9A6 and 9John spent Friday visiting Hill Street Presbyterian and St Peter’s Catholic Church to find about the differences in beliefs and church declaration as part of their “Divided community and healing” project. They will now use the information to create Imovies to document their visit.

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23rd January 2018

Our second Year 8 cohort got underway today. The pupils came together to discuss and explore their identities along with the similarities and differences that exists between both sets of pupils. It was great to see positive relationships being formed at this early stage. We look forward to bringing the group together on many more occasions throughout this year.

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23rd January 2018

Year 10 pupils from Lurgan JHS and St Ronan’s were working hard on a shared data project this week. They were spending the day designing an e-book for parents and pupils. Thanks to our Creative team, Emer and Zara and to our Data team, Megan, Chloe and Taylor.

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19th January 2018

8B2 and 8GM had a very enjoyable day composing "The Journey to War". Tiarnan plays The Last Post in memory of all those, who did not return. 

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14th January 2018

Our Ambassadors were delighted to meet and explain the Year Eight and Year Nine Shared Education projects to so many primary seven pupils , at the Open Evenings in St Ronan's College and Lurgan Junior High School.

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9th January 2018

9 Rita and 9A6 met for the first proper time today and spent the morning taking part in icebreakers and finding out about each other’s interests, hobbies and backgrounds etc. We are looking forward to seeing the relationships develop throughout the rest of the school year.

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18th December 2017

Today 8B2 and 8GM spent the day using iPads to create iMovies telling the stories of the expectations and experiences of the American soldiers based in Lurgan during WW2.

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17th November 2017

Today, 8GM, 8CT, 8A5 and 8B2 spent an enjoyable morning at Brownlow House where they got to explore the house, the WW2 museum and a reenactment of the American camp that was based there during WW2.

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8th November 2017

Year 8 pupils from Lurgan JHS and St Ronan's College worked together to complete clay medals. These were designed to remember the American Soldiers that were based in Lurgan during WW2. Pupils were asked to think of the imagery that would represent the topic. 

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 7th November 2017

Lurgan JHS and St Ronan's College collaboratively hosted a Cyber-bullying Event for the entire community. Constable Michael Allen shared his expertise, professional experience and very useful sources of information such as PSNI eSafety advice and Parenting NI websites. 

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27th October 2017

Congratulations to Kameron and Lucy who have been selected to work alongside Olivia and Ciara from St Ronan's College as our Shared Education Ambassadors.

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