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The following PE Kit is required from September 2018:


PE Shirt

PE Shirt: Available here


PE Skort: Availble here

004 uni pe socks

PE Socks: Available here

007 ljhs hoodie

PE Hoodie: Available here

006 ljhs padded coat

PE Padded Coat: Available Here

 005 ljhs baselayer

PE Baselayer Shirt: Available here

003 ljhs pe shorts

PE Shorts: Available here

008 ljhs track pants

PE Tracksuit Bottoms: Available here



Shoes: Only black shoes of sensible design with low heels are acceptable and they should be clean and polished.  Trainers of any kind are not permitted other than for PE classes and in cases of medical need. Shoes should protect and support feet to comply with the school’s Health & Safety Regulations.

Jewellery: Jewellery raises concerns about health and safety and is not in keeping with the good appearance of the school uniform. Students may not, therefore, wear jewellery apart from a watch. No smart watches are permitted to be worn in school. Studs or rings around the ear or in the nose, tongue, eyebrow etc. are not permitted to remain in place until a hole has healed.

Hair: Hairstyles should be tidy, neat and acceptable to the school. Unacceptable hairstyles are those which take away from the appearance of the school uniform and damage the good name of the school in the community. Extreme styles such as partially shaven heads and zigzag lines are not acceptable. Students are permitted to colour their hair but we do not accept the use of unnatural colours such as blue, pink, green, purple, burgundy etc. nor will we accept multi-coloured styles which go beyond the normal limits of highlighting. If in doubt, check with the Principal, Vice Principal or Year Head before having your hair styled. Boys hair should not be cut shorter than a “Number 2”.

Make Up, Nails & Eyebrows: Make-up, high definition eyebrows and nail polish should not be worn in school. This may lead to Form Teacher Report/Personal Report.

Badges: Badges or emblems which are deemed by the school as likely to cause offence or detract from the good appearance of the school uniform may not be worn. Only badges which pertain to school i.e. House badges, Prefect/Form Prefect badges, etc.may be worn on the school blazer.

The Principal reserves the right to send a pupil home for unacceptable uniform / appearance.

See Uniform Policy for More Details

 Uniform Policy 2017