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Girls' PE

Girls' PE Department Staff

Mrs N Saunderson (Head of Department)

Mrs L Dougan

Why Study Physical Education?

Physical Education enables pupils to learn through movement so they can develop, extend and refine their skills in a range of movement contexts.   The Physical Education Department aims to promote healthy lifestyles in pupils.  Active, enjoyable and challenging Physical Education learning experiences encourage pupils to develop:

  • positive attitudes to and enjoyment of physical activity;

  • an awareness of the positive impact of physical activity on health and well-being; and

  • positive sporting behaviour and a sense of fair play.

KS3 Girls' PE Course Details

Pupils take part in a balanced programme of Athletics, Games, Gymnastics and Swimming.

Year 8

  • Autumn Term - Hockey, Swimming, Cross Country

  • Spring Term - Netball, Gymnastics, Athletics

  • Summer Term - Athletics, Tennis, Rounders

Year 9

  • Autumn Term - Hockey, Netball, Cross Country

  • Spring Term - Health Related P.E., Gymnastics, Volleyball

  • Summer Term - Athletics, Tennis, Rounders

Year 10

  • Autumn Term - Netball, Cross Country, Volleyball

  • Spring Term - Health Related P.E., Recreational Activities, Athletics

  • Summer Term - Athletics, Tennis/Rounders, Volleyball/Tennis/Rounders

“Intelligence and skill can only functionat the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”

– John F. Kennedy

Image by Steven Lelham

Career Options

The knowledge and skills developed through studying Physical Education are relevant to a range of careers.  These include:

  • Teacher

  • Physiotherapist

  • Exercise Physiologist

  • Sports Coach

  • Sports Development Officer

  • Personal Trainer

  • Leisure Management

  • Sports Journalist

  • Sports Marketing

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