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- Girls' Outside Gym

Where Is It?

Day & Time

- Tuesday 3.20-4.30pm ( Term 1 +2 ) Year 10 A + Year 9 A Squads

- Thursday 3.20-4.30pm (Term 1) Year 10 B + Year 9 B Squads

- Thursday 3.20-4.30pm (Term 2 ) Year 8

What Is Involved?

The provision for Netball coaching and playing has grown considerably in the last few years and more and more girls are getting the opportunity to attend after school to improve and develop their skills and take part in competitions. The girls initially attend in Year groups and are then put into squads to enable them to achieve their potential and have fun playing as part of a team which suits their ability. Training focuses on appropriate warm up and skills training then concludes with game play with focus on placing the girls in the most suitable playing position to suit their talents and develop a strong team performance. Teams are entered the NI District 5 League and the ‘Vista’ League which involves schools in Craigavon area. Year 8 teams take part in tournament days.

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