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Online Learning

**Online Learning


As a result of the 2020 closure of schools which suspended face to face learning, the Principal and School Improvement and Leadership Team of Lurgan JHS devised a policy to manage online learning with our pupils.

Aims Of Online Learning

E-learning resources should seamlessly integrate with the school website, Facebook page  and other online platforms and although not physically open, online resources should be deployed in order that the school body should be open and accessible.

In doing so we aim to -

(i) enable students to learn effectively with the support of appropriate e-learning resources that meet their diverse learning needs;

(ii) support whole-school participation, and enhance student achievement;

(iii) provide students with the opportunity to develop skills enabling them to work and participate in a technology-rich and connected society.

(iv) maintain positive home-school links and monitor and support the health and well being of our pupils and staff

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Online Curriculum

Teachers will plan activities that relate as closely as possible to current class content or skills.  The activities will reinforce existing understanding or introduce new content as planned in regular schemes of work.

Evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) found that the basics of effective teaching are still essential in online learning; these include clear explanations, scaffolding and feedback.


*Parents will not be placed in the role of the teacher any more than they are during the regular school day.


Students will be able to carry out the tasks assigned by teachers independently, including accessing the material.  The submission of work will vary according to the nature of the subject and according to the task set. However, submission details will be clearly set out by the teacher in either online platform - Google Classroom or SMHW.


Technology / Online Platforms

We have chosen to use SMHW and Google Classroom as all staff and students are familiar with the platforms. Parents will find many useful videos and guides on YouTube and Google.

Support for those with limited online access Materials and resources can be collected from school by parents from the school at a time to be arranged.  For the most part, all resources are online, but should teachers need hard copies of resources to be given to pupils, this will be indicated on the online platforms or by text message

Online Learning Booklet

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