Open Events


Open Evening


Our Open Evening is an opportunity for P6 and P7 pupils and their parents, to visit the school and find out what we are all about.


On Open Night, staff and pupils in each subject department are on hand to display samples of work and learning activities and to answer questions from parents and primary pupils.


The dates and times are displayed through advertising in the local press and ‘flyers’ given to feeder primary schools.

Upon arrival, visitors can listen to a short talk by the Principal before embarking on a guided tour of the school.

Guided by prefects, visitors can call at a large number of departments and view the full range of facilities on offer at Lurgan JHS.

We hope you will chat with staff, pupils and any friends you meet along the way, and invite you to share a cup of tea and biscuit in the Home Economics department.


Very large numbers come along and parents are advised that they should arrive as early as possible, as parking spaces are very limited on-site.

Watch Our 2021 Virtual Tour Below:


P6 Sampler Day


Every year in October, as thoughts turn towards choices of Secondary Schools, we invite P6 pupils from a range of our local Primary Schools to visit us for a Sampler Day.

This simply means a day when they can experience for themselves what it is like to be taught in a Secondary School.

Each class will be divided into groups so they can experience a range of subjects. Each group is accompanied by their teacher, Classroom Assistant and our own Prefects.

They may be in PE, Technology, Science, Languages or Art but wherever they are, the learning will be engaging and stimulating.

There will even be a chance to eat a packed lunch in the JHS canteen.

At the end of the day, pupils return to their own school but we hope to be seeing them back with us again very soon after.