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SIMS Parent App

We have launched the SIMS Parent app from September 2020 to enable parents to receive up-to-date information regarding their child.  The SIMS Parent app is a secure online service through which you can access information through a PC or mobile device.


Initially, parents/guardians will be able to view:


  • LJHS academic calendar;

  • Individual pupil timetable;

  • Contact and medical details of your son/daughter, which can be changed;

  • Achievement points your child is awarded in school;

  • Academic reports (paper copies will no longer be available from Christmas 2020 but can be downloaded from the app).


The roll out of this app will start in term 1 with Year 8 classes.  Notifications of the roll out will be posted on the school Facebook page. 


The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store when you search for SIMS Parent App.  Parents/guardians who do not wish to use the app will be able to access the service online via

Frequently asked questions


I can’t download the app


SIMS Parent is accessible online at  This does not require an App to be installed on a phone or tablet and can accessed via any web browser.


I have not received an email invitation during the roll out time for my child’s form class


An email will only be sent if you have returned the Parental Access Form to your child’s form teacher.  If you have done this, but have not received a registration email, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder for an email from


I do not have any accounts listed (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft)


You will need to set up an account to access and use the SIMS Parent App. 


Used With


Hotmail, Outlook, Live

Office 365

Office 365, C2K


Gmail, Google Mail


Any Facebook Account


Any Twitter Account

Lurgan Junior High School does not see or have any access to the account you use.

I have followed the steps listed above, including following the guidance on the school website, and I am unable to gain access.


Contact the school via the email address so that we can help you gain access.

Instructions on how to sign in to the app

Parental Access Form

Acceptable Use Policy

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