Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is at the very heart of our school’s ethos and reflects our Christian values. We seek to provide a welcoming, safe, caring and supportive environment where each young person feels valued, included and respected as an individual and is encouraged to reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom.

Mrs. R. Kerr VP Pastoral Care

Mrs R Kerr - Vice Principal, Pastoral Care

Our Aims

We recognise that positive emotional health and well-being are vital to learning. To that end, we have many people in our school community who willingly help and support all pupils during their time with us:
• School Prefects/Peer Mentors
• Members of The Pupils’ Voice, our Student Council
• Your Form Teacher
• Your Year Head
• Your Vice Principals
• Your Principal
• Your School Counsellor
• Reach Mentoring Team
• Our Classroom Assistants & Technicians
• Our Receptionist
• Our Administrative Staff
• Our Building Supervisors
• Our Lunchtime Supervisors
• Our Canteen Staff
One of the key people in school is a pupil's Form Teacher. In most cases, pupils will have the same Form Teacher for all three years at LJHS. This means that every Form Teacher can get to know each individual pupil in their class extremely well and can look out for them in school to make sure they are settled, happy and giving their best. If a pupil has any concerns, they can talk to their Form Teacher.

Another key adult is the Year Head. There are two Year Heads for each year group, one for girls and one for boys. They support each individual pupil and their Form Teacher to ensure everyone is achieving their potential academically, socially and emotionally. 

Year Head mentoring pupil
Sometimes a pupil may feel they need extra support and our School Counsellor is available one day each week. Parents can request this for their child or a pupil can speak to their Form Teacher/Year Head/Vice Principal and request counselling for themselves.

We have the Reach Team working with our school in a mentoring capacity and they currently mentor up to 50 pupils each week. Reach is a locally based charity made up largely of youth workers. Its motto is ‘Unleashing potential’ and we are very thankful for their heart and vision to draw alongside young people. They are an integral and invaluable part of our Pastoral Care programme. As well as mentoring, they are also involved in delivering part of our PD curriculum across all three year groups. Reach works with some of our feeder Primary Schools and both Senior Schools. This has proved to be an immense benefit to pupils and staff in the transition between Key Stages.


Please Note: At all stages advice and guidance may be requested from our Newcomers Co-ordinator re our Newcomer Pupils.

 Subject Teacher - Accountable to Form Teacher

  • Building positive relationships with class – getting to know pupils, giving praise, rewards and achievement points
  • Putting strategies/interventions/sanctions/rewards in place and monitoring them
  • Keeping home/Form Teacher informed of concerns and how you are dealing with it
  • Keeping a record of strategies/interventions/sanctions/rewards
  • If issues persist referring pupil(s) to Form Teacher

 Form Teacher - Accountable to Year Head

  • Building positive relationships with Form Class – getting to know pupils, giving praise, rewards and achievement points
  • Monitoring Achievements and Behaviours of Form Class on SIMS and placing pupil roles and responsibilities on SIMS
  • Celebrating achievements and highlighting good behaviours and forwarding same to VP for Celebration Assemblies
  • Identifying issues - mentoring and supporting pupil(s), putting strategies/interventions/sanctions in place and monitoring them, where necessary through Form Teacher Report
  • Keeping home informed of any concerns, or if a pupil is absent for more than two days
  • If issues persist referring pupil(s) to Year Head
  • Keeping evidence of all the above

 Year Head - Accountable to Pastoral Vice Principal

  • Decision Making - Mentoring/encouraging/warning
  • Building positive relationships with pupils in Year Group and mentoring of some pupils
  • Supporting and liaising with Form Teachers – re strategies/interventions/sanctions suited to the needs of individual pupils
  • Keeping parents informed
  • Placing pupils on Personal Report and monitoring same
  • Liaising with Principal re placing a pupil on Withdrawal
  • Liaising with outside agencies where required
  • Referring pupils to SENCO / REACH / VP /School Counsellor & liaising with same
  • Keeping evidence of all the above
  • Keeping Pastoral VP informed

 SENCO - Accountable to Pastoral VP

  • Building positive relationships with pupils
  • Supporting pupils with SEN and keeping staff informed of pupils’ needs
  • Drawing up IEPs/ IBPs for pupils and communicating with staff on target setting for these pupils
  • Referring pupils to PPDS, BST, etc in liaison with YHs and VP
  • Liaising with outside agencies
  • Keeping parents informed
  • Keeping evidence of all of the above

 Vice Principals/Principal

  • Building positive relationships with pupils
  • Mentoring
  • Supporting and liaising with Year Heads, SENCO, outside agencies
  • Keeping parents informed
  • Referring pupils to Family Hub
  • Taking advice from CPSSS re Child Protection matters
  • Completing UNOCINIS when required
  • Referring pupils to SENCO / REACH /School Counsellor
  • Liaising with School Counsellor
  • Organising MDMs when further support is required
  • Discussion and decision taking re support and referral to outside agencies.
  • If serious behaviour issues follow procedures regarding withdrawal/ suspension
   Outside Agencies Involvment - Stage 3 +  


 Behaviour Support