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The Pupils' Voice (TPV) is a group of Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils who have been elected as representatives of our student body. TPV aims to work in partnership with our School Improvement Leadership Team (SILT), Teaching Staff and Parents for the benefit of the whole school community. TPV seeks to build positive relationships based on mutual respect and trust with all in the School and supports the Staff, Management and Parents in their efforts to create and maintain an environment conductive to educational and personal development. As part of the process, TPV aims to provide a key line of communication between Pupils, Management and Staff. 

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All pupils attending our School are eligible to be members of TPV. In December, two interested pupils from each Year 8 class prepare and present a speech, indicating their strengths, interests and what they woud bring to TPV. Successful candidates join Year 9 and 10 members. See a range of fantastic speeches from 2018's Year 8 applicants:

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TPV meets at least once a half term during the academic year although meetings can also be called by pupil representatives or staff as often as is necessary. TPV has a Chairperson and Secretary who will create an agenda and take minutes of each meeting. Where decisions are to be made, TPV will call for a vote. 

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A few photographs from this year's Election Day - December 2018.

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