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- Mrs Ferry's Lab

Where Is It?

- 3:30pm - day tbc

Day & Time

- For Year 8 Pupils only in the first term

Who Can Attend?

What Is Involved?

STEM club meets after school once a week for a series of fun, exciting and engaging practicals that stimulate curiosity and a love of all things science and technology. The tasks allow the pupils to explore the STEM subjects in an innovative and inventive way outside the classroom. There are often themes for each week for example; Spaghetti Bridges, Rocket launch, Bug Hunt, Egg Drop, S’mores and a Scary Halloween theme. 

STEM club pupils also have the chance to attend Balmoral Show where they get the opportunity to engage in Science in Industry and Agriculture.

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious." 

- Albert Einsten

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