Art Department Staff

Mrs A Gordon (Head of Department)

Mrs J Clements

Mrs V Patterson

Why Study Art?

Art and Design is part of everyone’s life. It has universal appeal to the mind, senses and the imagination. Visual awareness and qualities of imaginative flair, flexibility and ingenuity developed through the subject are valuable for any future career. It is the goal of the Art & Design department to give pupils the opportunity to develop their intellect through problem-solving, research and design. We hope to heighten a sense of aesthetic awareness, stimulate creative ability and enrich lives.

Art and Design activities enable pupils to:

• observe and interpret their visual environment;

• visually express their ideas, thoughts, feelings and personal responses;

• explore and develop imagination and ideas;

• solve problems and create solutions, designs and products;

• use art and design vocabulary to critically analyse and evaluate art and design works;

• understand shape and space in two and three dimensions; and

• explore and use a range of techniques and materials, developing practical skills and dexterity.

In Lurgan Junior High School's Art Department, pupils get opportunities to collaborate, work independently, embrace diversity and disrupt existing preconceptions and stereotypes. Teachers give pupils as much experience as possible of real-life contexts for Art and Design, for example through contact with practitioners and visits to exhibitions and galleries.

"I like Art because you are given the freedom to create what's in your head - with the radio on too for added inspiration!"

"Art is a fun subject because you get to be really creative and express yourself through paint and clay."

"I love Art because I get to make lots of things from lots of different materials. It's a really practical subject."

KS3 Art Course Details

Year 8 Knowledge

  • Drawing & Shading - Investigating tone and form from direct observation

  • Portraiture - Creating self-portraits in pencil and character portraits in clay

  • Painting - Developing understanding of colour theory through paint

Year 9 Knowledge

  • Still Life - Looking at the work of others and recording using oil pastel

  • Textiles - Creating mixed media landscapes after the work of hundertwasser

  • 3D Sculpture - Using animals as inspiration to create a Fantasy Creature

Year 10 Knowledge

  • Surrealism/Pop Art - Understanding of an art movement, creating a composition and applying painting techniques

  • Cultural Ceramic Container - Drawing design work, use of digital media to create a mood board and production of a final outcome in ceramics

“Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see.”

– Paul Klee


Career Options

Studying Art develops the skills required for careers such as: Animator, Architect, Art Therapist, Exhibition Designer, Fashion Designer, Fine Artist, Florist, Furniture Designer, Graphic Designer, Advertising, Model Maker, Jewellery Maker, Web Author Designer, Sign Writer, Hairdresser, Illustrator, Interior Designer, Make-Up Artist, Landscaper, Packaging Designer, Cartoonist, TV/Film Director, Teacher, Costume/Set Designer.