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Home Economics

HE Department Staff

Mrs J Graham (Head of Department)

Mrs D Gray

Mrs E Walker

Mrs S Wilkinson

Mrs E Blakely (Technician)

Why Study Home Economics?

Studying Home Economics equips young people to make healthy choices, shop wisely and become independent members of society.  It is a practical subject that can promote and enhance the well-being of individuals, families and communities through understanding food choice, nutritional health, consumer issues and relationships.

The skills, knowledge and understanding developed through studying Home Economics are important in today’s society, where:

  • many people rely on ready-made meals;

  • obesity is an increasing problem; and

  • diet-related illness is prevalent.

At Lurgan Junior High School, we deliver a curriculum that is challenging, current and engaging.  Pupils have opportunities to learn about three key concepts:

  1. Healthy Eating;

  2. Home and Family Life; and

  3. Independent Living.

"H.E. is a really useful subject because it teaches us how to cook lots of healthy food - I love making what I learn at home!"

"I like H.E. because you get to bake and make new foods and learn how to make food healthy and better for you."

"I absolutely love the practical work in H.E. - we get to make lots of tasty food and sit down after and eat it all!"

Healthy Eating

Provides opportunities to develop understanding required in the choice, planning, storage, preparation, cooking and serving of food.

Home & Family Life

Provides opportunities to understand the importance of the family as a caring unit.

Independant Living

Provides opportunities to understand the importance of becoming discerning consumers and effective managers of resources. 

KS3 Home Economics Course Details

Year 8 Knowledge

  • Welcome to Home Economics

  • Cookers

  • Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Food Labelling

  • Family

​Year 8 Practicals

  • Chessboard Sandwich

  • Paddy Pizza

  • Bean’s on Toast

  • Yule Log

  • Lentil and Carrot Soup

  • Fruit Smoothie

  • Easter Nests

  • Tomato and Cheese Pasta Bake

Year 9 Knowledge

  • Safe Preparation and Storage of Food

  • Eat Less Fat

  • Don’t Skip Breakfast

  • Consumers, Shopping, Payment and Your Rights

  • Weighing and Measuring

Year 9 Practicals

  • Scones

  • Apple Sponge

  • Chicken Stir-fry

  • Shortbread

  • Pizza

  • Brownies

  • Pasta Salad

Year 10 Knowledge

  • A Vegetarian in the Family

  • Good Nutrition through the Life Stages

  • Food Provenance and The Food Supply Chain

​Year 10 Practicals

  • Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake

  • Apple Muffins

  • Fajitas

  • Cookies

  • Vegetarian Assessment

  • Chocolate Cupcakes

  • Spaghetti Bolognese

  • Thai Green Curry

“I feel I have a right to take pride and a particular interest in what happens in the College of Home Economics. To me, it is the most important part of the university, for Home Economics concerns the homes of the people of this country.

– Eleanor Roosevelt, 1934


Career Options

Northern Ireland has a proud heritage of food and farming, placing Home Economics as a vibrant subject that best meets the demands of our current economic climate.  There are many qualifications and employment opportunities/careers available through studying Home Economics. These include:

  • Agriculture

  • Butchery

  • Consumer Marketing

  • Dietetics

  • Food Engineering

  • Food Journalism

  • Food Product Development

  • Food Science Nutrition

  • Home Economics Teacher

  • Health Promotion

  • Health and Safety

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Packaging

  • Physiotherapy

  • Production Operations

  • Retail

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

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