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18th March 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Contingency Planning

The Dickson Plan principals, in consultation with their governors, have agreed steps to safeguard the transfer process in the best interests of all our young people. We are also mindful of the well-being of our families and wider community in these uncertain and unprecedented times. 

Given the evolving context, current attendance rates and potential for a protracted period of school closure, the transfer examinations will not take place in any of the Junior High Schools. Arrangements will be in place to ensure that no young person is disadvantaged.  It has been agreed, pending approval by the Department of Education, to amendments to the admissions criteria of Lurgan College and Portadown College respectively, that academic evidence from Year 9 (Summer) and Year 10 (Christmas) will be used to inform the transfer process.  We trust that this gives you some reassurance at this time.

Yours faithfully,

J McCoy



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