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24th March 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian and Pupils of LJHS,

School has operated today in a limited capacity, supervising a very small cohort of children of Key Workers with a skeleton staff of teachers and non-teaching staff. Pupils and staff have been observing social distancing guidelines and continue to observe hygiene recommendations.

It has been very encouraging to see the volume of pupils engaging today with their online learning. Pupils are busy at home completing the tasks that teachers have set them and are working in a structured way. Well done, boys and girls – I am thoroughly pleased that you are organising your days effectively to ensure that you continue to learn and to make the most of your many talents and skills. Keep it up; I am very proud of you all.

I would remind you all that, should you require any help in connection with either a subject issue or a pastoral issue, you can email staff here using the email addresses on page 1 of the Guidance Booklet issued last week on our website and Facebook pages. Teachers will respond to your request as quickly as they can. If your question is about a subject issue, this will be allocated to a member of the particular department so that responses can be made as swiftly as we can. Likewise, if your issue is of a pastoral nature, our pastoral team will answer any queries that you may have.

There appeared to be some confusion over the distribution of resources to pupils today and as a result, some of the resources that were laid out for pupils to collect, as indicated by specific teachers on SMHW, have inadvertently been taken by parents of pupils who may not need them. In an attempt to remedy this, I have therefore asked all teachers to place PDF copies of booklets for their subjects on SMHW if they are needed by pupils. Therefore, I would stress that there is no need to collect further resources tomorrow as these will be put on SMHW.

School will be open tomorrow to again supervise a small number of children of Key Workers.

In the meantime, I extend to you my warmest regards.

J. McCoy



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