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"SMASHED" Alcohol Awareness - Past Pupil, Dan

Year 9 Pupils took part in the Collingwood Learning “SMASHED” Alcohol Awareness workshop today, featuring past pupil Dan! The workshop began with a very relevant sketch concerning misuse of alcohol and its dangers and concluded with an interactive discussion with our pupils. A huge thanks to Dan, Rachael and Leigh for their time, energy and engaging sessions today ?

It is always fantastic to hear from our past pupils. Yesterday, we were delighted to see Dan Coulter in action and hear all about his acting successes since leaving us in 2007. Here’s a synopsis of Dan’s journey since leaving Lurgan JHS:

“I attended LJHS from 2005-2007. I was heavily involved in the drama department and performed in my first musical ‘Calamity Jane’. This inspired me to become an actor. I went on to study at Laurelhill Community College achieving GCSE + A-Level Drama.  From 2011-14 I studied for my Drama degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. My final portion of training brought me to The London School of Musical Theatre where I achieved a diploma in Musical Theatre. Since then I have been touring the UK with various companies performing educational shows with great lessons for life. Currently working with Collingwood Learning on their Smashed Project which raises awareness of alcohol for Years 8+9. This tours high schools all over Northern Ireland. It was a pleasure to return to LJHS to perform for the kids, and I hope I will return in the near future.”

Check out Dan’s website below. We wish him continued success in the future!


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