Special Educational Needs & Newcomers

Special Educational Needs

Lurgan JHS has an excellent reputation for meeting the needs of pupils with a wide variety of Special Educational Needs. The SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and the Assistant SENCo, along with Classroom Assistants, ensure provision is made for pupils whether it is through arranging exam concessions, or one-to one support. Our SEN department liaises with feeder primary schools to make provision for pupils with SEN who are transferring from Key Stage 2, and also with the senior schools to ensure a smooth transition to Key Stage 4. Pupils on the SEN register have IEPs (Individual Educational Plans) with individual targets that are reviewed twice a year. Pupils not on the register, but requiring additional support, are also identified through standardised testing, teacher observations and parental concerns. Our SENCo meets with parents to discuss a plan and to place the pupil on the register with an IEP in order to monitor progress and provide appropriate support. Some pupils may be on the Medical Register with a Pupil Passport, outlining their needs and reasonable adjustments, if required.


SEN Co-Ordinator

Mrs M Moorehead


Newcomers' Co-ordinator

Mrs K Carson


Our school is committed to supporting, developing and promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in all of its practices and activities. We embrace a fully inclusive culture and ethos, free from discrimination and based upon Christian values of dignity, courtesy and respect. Under the leadership of our Newcomer Co-ordinator, Lurgan JHS has embraced newcomer pupils and has provided a caring and welcoming learning space for them to gain confidence and competence as well as assisting in the acquisition of language to enable and empower them to succeed in their studies.