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Technology Department Staff

Miss McCann (Head of Department)

Mr G Black

Mrs J Quinn

Mrs L Todd (Technician)


The goal of the Technology Department (TD) is for every pupil to fully develop their practical skills and knowledge relating to Technology. The subject is taught through a range of practical activities and projects, each with their own learning intentions. TD is further developed with graphical tasks and the inclusion of related knowledge (theory).

"The teacher is very supportive and makes TD fun - I can have a laugh with him yet make so much progress."

"Technology and Design allows you to show off your creativity and make exciting projects"

"I love TD because we get to make so many fun projects using a wide variety of equipment and machinery."

KS3 Technology Course Details

Year 8 Knowledge

  • Topic 1: Safety - Range of tasks to develop understanding

  • Topic 2: Perspex Dish - Use of machines, tools and materials

  • Topic 3: Christmas Item - Tree or Snowman. Energy and Control and Assembly Skills

  • Topic 4: ICT - Crocodile Clips (Electronic Simulation)

  • Topic 5: Castle - History/Mechanism Project

  • Topic 6: Pneumatic Systems - Use safety and assembly

  • Topic 7: Graphics - Oblique and single point perspective

  • Topic 8: Materials - Wood and Plastic

Year 9 Knowledge

  • Topic 1: Graphics - Main four types of 3D drawing

  • Topic 2: Perspex Forming - Line trending, for example, Desk Tidy, Photo Frame or Mobile Phone Holder

  • Topic 3: Night Light - Manufacture and use of PCB board plus range of electric components. Plastic Moulding/Vacuum Forming

  • Topic 4: Metals - Ferrous/Non-Ferrous/Pure and Alloy

  • Topic 5: Steel Fabrication - Paint Tin Opener, shaping, bending, finishing

Year 10 Knowledge

  • Topic 1: Levers - Three types (elements) Information Poster

  • Topic 2: PCB Assembly - use of commercial PCB. Assemble equipment for Musical Money Box

  • Topic 3: Plywood Box Construction Technique plus use of milking machine and CNC mill

  • Topic 4: Bird House - joining construction and assembly

  • Topic 5: Metal Moving Car - basic engineering skills, lathe work, threaded bar

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