House System

Rationale for the Lurgan JHS House System

In Lurgan Junior High School we use our House System to foster healthy competition between students, develop roles and responsibilities, and support our pastoral care structure.

Pastoral Care

  • To help students settle in during their first year of secondary schooling. It fosters community.

  • To allow younger pupils to mix with older students and remove the fear of them being a little fish in a big pond.

  • It is a big leap for many students for whom social integration is of greater concern than the academic challenge. Happy students will be successful.

Healthy Competition

  • Competition teaches children how to be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat.

  • Competition teaches children how to work together as part of a team. It fosters community.

  • Competition motivates, and motivated students are what we like to see in Lurgan JHS.

  • Competition teaches children a very important lesson: sometimes life isn't fair! If children no longer care about winning, then how will they learn to accept defeat?

Develops Roles & Responsibilities

  • Leadership roles are developed through appointments Captains/Vice Captains/Team Captains

  • Coaches

  • Competition organisers

  • Officials

The Structure Of The Lurgan JHS System

Every pupil during term 1 in year 8 is placed into one of our 4 houses:



House System



Each House traditionally has a male and female House Captain and four vice captains. They will be responsible for organising teams and events. They have earned their position during their first two years in Lurgan JHS as responsible students that give much to extra-curricular activities.

All staff are also in Houses and each House has 2 ‘Heads of House’.


Miss McCann

Mr Addley


Miss Gamble

Mr Lunn


Mrs Gilbert

Mr J Black


Miss Hanna

Mr Logan


Competitions within the Lurgan JHS House System

Every department in Lurgan JHS strives to get involved in organising competitions for our House System. As well as many sporting events, there is also drama, music, a bake off and many more. More recently, we introduced ‘attendance’ and ‘conduct’ as House competitions. This truly means that every single student in Lurgan JHS contributes to the House System.

There are 2 trophies to play for:

The House Shield – Sports competitions only

The House Cup – All competitions

Previous Winners:

2019 - Carrick

2018 - Dunluce

2017 - Shane

2016 - Gosford

2015 - Gosford

2014 - Carrick

2013 - Carrick

2012 - Carrick

2011 - 

2010 - Shane

2009 - Shane

2008 - Shane

2007 - Shane

2006 - Shane

2005 - Shane & Gosford

2004 - Carrick

2003 -

2002 - Gosford

2001 - Shane

2000 - Gosford

1999 - Carrick

1998 - Shane

1997 - Carrick & Shane

1996 - Dunluce

1995 - Dunluce

1994 - Shane